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A460 DIY

Large Diaphragm FET Studio Condenser DIY Microphone with Pad and Roll-Off


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Get your hands on the first ever professional FET studio microphone do-it-yourself kit! 

Brought to you by popular demand! The first ever DIY Large Diaphragm FET studio condenser microphone kit.

Use the included components for an excellent sounding FET studio condenser microphone. Or for those more adventurous DIYers, swap out components and create your own custom mic.

This kit includes a widely used 1 inch large diaphragm capsule and the industry standard SK170 FET. As bonus features this kit also includes a 100Hz roll-off swtich and circuit and a -6dB Pad switch and circuit. Once complete this will be a highly versatile studio microphone for many recording applications.

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This kit is intended for intermediate to advance users. 

You should understand intermediate electronics and assembly techniques.

The step-by-step instructions are on diymic.com. You are expected to understand and read schematics and a circuit layout, solder, use a multi-meter etc.

However, the circuit is rather simple and clearly marked.

Approximate Specifications after assembly:

Type: Large Diaphragm Pressure Gradient True Condenser 
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz 
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Sensitivity: 16mV/Pa -40?dB (0 dB=1V/Pa 1000Hz) 
Output Impedance: <200 ohm 
Equivalent Noise Level: <20dB, 
A weighted Max SPL: <0.5% at 135 dB SPL 
Special Feature: -6dB PAD and 100Hz Roll-off
Power Requirement: +48v Phantom Power

Kit Includes

Beautifully machined (unpainted) brass microphone body and head-grill assembly
Internal mounting cage assembly to mount circuit board, capsule, transformer and connector housings.

Schematic, circuit board layouts

Components included

1 - 32mm/1in large diaphragm pressure gradient capsule (assembled)
1 - Plastic capsule mount
2 - circuit PCBs

R1 Resistor 1/4W 6.8K 
R2 Resistor 1/4W 560 
R3 Resistor 1/4W 1M 
R4 Resistor 1KM 
R5 Resistor 1KM 
R6 Resistor 1/4W 2K-3.9k 
R7 Resistor 1/4W 1.8K 
R8 Resistor 1/4W 20K 
R9 Resistor 1/4W 180K 
R10 Resistor 1/4W 7.5K 
R11 Resistor 1/4W 2.2K 
R12 Resistor 1/4W 2.2K 
R13 Resistor 1/4W 47 
R14 Resistor 1/4W 47 
R15 Resistor 1/4W 150K 
R16 Resistor 1/4W 150K 
R17 Resistor 1/4W 330K 
R18 Resistor 1/4W 4.7K 
C1 Capacitor CBB 0.01μ
C2 Capacitor NPO 1000P
C3 Capacitor NPO 220P
C4 Capacitor CA42 22μF/16V
C5 Capacitor 0.47μ
C6 Capacitor CBB 0.047μ
C7 Capacitor CBB 6800P
C8 Capacitor CA42 4.7μF/35V
C10 Capacitor 330P
C11 Capacitor 330P
C12 Capacitor CA42 6.8μF/40V
C13 Capacitor CA42 2.2μF/50V
C14 Capacitor CA42 2.2μF/50V
CF Capacitor CC1-150p
D1 FET 2SK170
D2 Transistor 1015
L1 Inductor 47μH
L2 Inductor 47μH



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